Poultry Farm

Tomorrow’s Agriculture™ for chickens

For ultimately the best results feed the breeding roosters and hens who lay the eggs for the hatchery and then through the entire life of the birds.

A stronger parent means stronger healthier babies.

Water in the farm: 

Treating the water with Tomorrow’s Agriculture for chickens in dilutions of up to and over one: 100,000 to a stronger concentration of up to 2%. This 2% solution will leave the water free of chloroform microbes for long period of time. The birds will not reject the water and therefore the residual effects of the product in the water can be utilized for microbiology control in the animals themselves. No toxic effects I will be observed after using the product.


Chickens for fattening: for drinking water purposes, you should treat the water beginning with portions of 1: 20,000 for the first three days and 1: 100,000 thereafter until one week before the end of the breeding cycle. This should also help to eliminate the use of many vaccinations, antibiotics and vitamins. You will see this transition and the reduction will be considerable in view of these physiological effects on the birds. Namely:

  1. A notable improvement in the factor of food conversion

  2. Less sensitivity of the birds to weather changes

  3. Reduction in mortality to less than 50% of what was considered normal

  4. Acceleration in the growth of the birds with greater weight gain

  5. Reduction in growth cycle by 4 to 5 days with these corresponding savings in the amount of feed

  6. More tender and better-tasting meat.

Discontinue the use of Tomorrow’s Agriculture for chickens one week before slaughtering time. As this will save in the cost of product and the birds will maintain their health.

Production hens: 

The foregoing is also applicable to egg-laying hens, at the same time it will be noted that the hens will enter into production more rapidly and yield more and better eggs.